Walmart Electronic Cigarettes – Worth It?

misticsucksThe cheaper the better you might say, that is not always true. Wal-Mart is known for their low prices and the Electronic Cigarettes are no different, but you also get what you pay for, cheap knock offs of the quality brands. The only positive that I can see out of buying these from Wal-Mart compared to online is you get to physically look at the product before you choose to buy it and you can check the different varieties and choose one that may possibly suit you.

To start with the vapour that you get out of them is approximately one third less than you would from the bigger brand smokes and is also very difficult to inhale from. You would think there would be a variety of flavours to go with these products, the flavours are very limited and you can choose from either tabacco or menthol flavours, and then from there you go onto the battery life, where do you start? One battery has been known to last less than half the day, some as little as four hours. Some of the brands you will find in store are disposable which is disappointing as recharging batteries is what makes e-cigarettes so great in the long term; they’re cheap and just keep going, it’s a bit hard when you have to keep changing the batteries over.

It does not matter which brand you choose from Wal-Mart chances are you are probably not going to get a good deal. It is a place to buy cheap groceries but it is a good idea to shop for high quality Electronic Cigarettes online. Overall I do not recommend buying Electronic Cigarettes from Wal-Mart as overall they just aren’t worth it. They buy in bulk so you are more likely to recieve a faulty or damaged product.

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